Why motorcycles and coffee ?

Motorcycles and coffee bring out the best of us, they keep us motivated and full of life, they make life awesome!

SIX40 Café was founded to bring high quality coffee to all motorcycle enthusiasts. we welcome all bikers to enjoy our freshly roasted high quality coffee to fuel their soul.

To understand more about this connection of motorcycles and coffee with SIX40 you must learn about the founders.

Shawn Connors

Shawn's love for motorcycles started at the age of 10, this passion took him on to becoming a professional motocross stunt rider who performed all around the world for a decade. He is also known for wrench spinning and moto art.

After meeting his future Wife and business partner is when his coffee addiction kickstarted.

catching sweet air!

performing a live bike build event.

Creating moto art

Marisol Pelletier:

Marisol's Passion for trampoline started as a young girl which lead her to an international championship level. Then her talent carried her into a stunning career as a performer for Cirque Du Soleil and The House Of Dancing water. After retiring from live entertainment Marisol has been shining as the manager and coffee roaster for the café her and her mom own and operate in Terrebonne, Quebec Canada.

Trampoline athlete

Cirque Du Soleil athlete

Café manager & head Roaster

where two roads meet

Shawn and Marisol's career paths met when they were both performing for the "House Of Dancing Water" in Macau China, ironically enough their first "date" was when shawn replaced the battery in Marisol's motorcycle.

Now Married, living in Quebec Canada they are teaming up. Marisol is bringing her 10 years of coffee roasting and business management experience, Shawn is bringing 30 years of motorcycling contacts and lifestyle experience to bring you SIX40, a coffee supply company that will leave you jacked up, ready to tackle any obstacle that lies in front of you.

Go smash that buy now button on your favorite coffee roast to find out for yourself.